Mountaineering autonomous roped party, 5 or 10 day course ...


5 day course : from initiation to autonomy

Here, I won't just be bringing you somewhere, I'm looking to pass on my knowledge and experience. The first few days will be dedicated to the fundamentals (ice, rock, and snow school) and then we will go together to achieve courses of your level where you will be your proper guide. We will go over rope manipulations together that are necessary to acquire to evolve on ice, snow and rock. My goal is to advise you as well as possible so you can be independent. This courses is addressed to people who have a real desire to progress. If your goal is to be able to one day realize courses such at the Mont Blanc, the Grand Paradis, Domes de Miages, independently, this course is for you.


  • The program include the monitoring by a high mountain guide, all of the other expenses (mountain refuge, meals, travels) are to be taken by the participant.
  • 1 guide for 4 participants maximum.

Rates : contact us